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Wedding Dress Alteration Tips to Keep In Mind

Your wedding gown must fit perfectly. So if you purchase your wedding gown and it does not fit you well, you must take it for alterations. It does not matter how perfect or costly the dress was but if it does not fit you well, it will look like a cheap dress. The truth of the matter is a majority of wedding dresses do not need some alterations no matter how simple they are. However, if you want to take your wedding dress for alterations, here are some of the things to take into account.

Proper timing is paramount. If you do not want to experience the stress of wedding gowns alterations, you need to purchase your wedding gown as early as 10 months before the wedding. The reason for this is that it gives you a lot of time for fittings and tailoring. Other times it can take you not less than five months from the time you place your order up to the time the dress reaches the bridal shop. In terms of fitting, book the last two fittings 2 months before your ceremony. If you are doing an overhaul of the design, for example, resizing the corsets or cups, add a few more weeks to that. It is paramount that you scheduled your alterations right, therefore you need to talk to their individual altering you need to talk to the individual altering your wedding gown if you are not sure.

Have a budget for your alterations. Apart from planning all the other things, most Brides do not budget for alterations when buying their wedding dress. In case you need to make major changes on your wedding gown, be sure to allocate money for the alterations.

Carry with you all your accessories. When you go for fittings to alter your wedding gown, do not just take your gown with you. Carry everything you intend to wear on your wedding day. Carry your underwear, shapewear, and the bra that you are going to wear. Do not forget to go with your shoes as well since they will determine the length to which the wedding gown will be altered. If you have not purchased the shoes yet, you can carry a shoe with a similar height as the one you will wear during your wedding day. Also come with your hair accessories, jewelry, and veil. They are essential since they will assist you to maintain the best overall balance. If you have all your accessories, it will be easy for you to alter your dress perfectly and have a feel of the entire final look.

Tag along with a family member or friend. You can take a close friend or a family member that you trust so that they can give you their unbiased opinion on how you are looking. Do not take your entire bridal team to an important fitting because when you get different opinions and personalities from these people, it is going to overwhelm you and it will do more harm than good. Choose someone close to you that you can trust to give you their honest opinion on how you look.

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