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Nowadays the drag society has started being accepted because over the years they have been marginalized with a lot of people seeing them as outcasts. The purpose of the drug is not a way of expressing any one’s gender but a way of a man wearing women’s clothes for the sake of performance in art or the comedy clubs. In the same drag community, it’s not only the drag queens that are available but some ladies take up the persona of the men by dressing up in their outfit. For the sake of art, drama and comedy that where the drag people, both the drag kings and queens are supposed to feature not to identify as the opposite sex of how they were born in or choose any gender that they want but for the purposes mentioned above. In this article below we are going to look at some of the ways that you can get to know about drag society.

To understand transgender is when someone who does not want to be associated with any gender and they want to be viewed as humans with no boundaries or they can identify with the opposite of the gender that they were born with, such as the boys choosing to be girls and the vice versa. People who choose to be the opposite of the gender that they were born with can also be termed as transgender.

The differences of the drag kings and queens is that they want to take the role only for a short period or for the act that they are performing with some only doing the act not because they are transgender but since they view it as art and the transgender as the people who want to be associated with the opposite sex of the one that they were born with and they want to permanently to be associated with that gender that they have chosen.

Many transgender people do not want to be associated with the drag movement since they say that the drag king and queens view them as wrongly implying that the transgender wanting to be associated with transgender is only about dressing up but which they think as identifying with the gender. Even though when some of the transgender are shifting in the gender changes they can start by getting into the drag circle by first performing and taking on the drag persona.

This type of culture has been greatly accepted to such an extent that straight men are dressing up like drams queens for the sake of comedy or performing art. Since the awareness of the transgender people and the culture of the drag society continue to be appreciated so will be the other large group of the LGBTQ+ also continue to be accepted and understood in the society at large. To understand the drag culture you need to read the above article that will help you in understanding the culture.

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