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Learning More About Making Greek Yogurt

The best thing about milk is that there is so much you can do with it with among it being making Greek Yogurt. Anyone that has made Greek yogurt before can tell you that if you don’t get the process right then you might loss out on achieving your intentions. Some of these processes are pretty simple you just need to get the stages right. By reading this article you as the reader will get to know how to make Greek Yogurt.

The first tip is the ingredients, the more the fat the better hence you will need milk and live culture yogurt. The second tip is the equipment needed, and in this case you will need plastic or glass measuring cup that has a lid. If you have an old tee at home that you have been unable to find a use for, well you finally found use for it when it comes to Greek Yogurt. Also never forget to have a source pan and a whisk. With some research you will end up with all the recipes that you will ever need on Greek Yogurt.

The very first procedure is pasteurize your milk and this is a simple process that can be done under 10 minutes. To add onto the fat that you already have , take powdered milk that you might be having in the house or bought earlier on and mix it into the pasteurized milk. Let the milk cool for close to 45 minutes. At this point you will have to add the live culture yogurt. The number one thing that will make the Greek Yogurt work is the temperatures in which you keep it and for this reason, always ensure that you are able to keep the temperatures at 115 degrees to 118 degrees and nothing above. In 12 hours with a temperature of 118 degrees you should be having your Greek Yogurt ready.

The very final step before you head out to enjoy your yogurt is to ensure that it is ready by doing a simple test, the simple trick that has always proven to work is just tapping your yogurt from the side to establish whether it’s moving in unison to the middle of the cup. For close to four hours, by using a bowl placed in a refrigerator with an old tee tightly tied to it as a strainer, hold the yogurt over the strainer and ensure that it strains for close to four hours. Your yogurt should now be ready to be eaten.

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